Whether you have an e-commerce or not, you must consider using Google Adwords to give the boost that your business needs and place it among the best ones. From the fruit shop around the corner of your street to the big multinational companies, all can make the most of an Adwords campaign. Best thing about it is that with a low budget and just paying when someone clicks on our ad (which already means a small profit) we can check if online marketing is what we need to increase our sales.


Adwords for everyone

Data speaks for itself: 70% of Spanish Internet users buy online, while a third of the population from this country does the same. Spain is the forth country in the Europe Union in online sales and in 2016 the annual average expense per person was 1.400 euros. Isn’t it worth to at least try it according to this successful data?


First and foremost you need to think what section of your business you want to improve or give a boost. Do you have a flower shop and want to increase the online and telephone orders? Do you want to make popular the little bakery you’ve just opened? Do you have a garage with promotions and real bargains but the one around the corner hogs all the customers? Google Adwords answers to any of these needs and business types. You will only have to adapt your campaign to what you are looking for.


Why Google Adwords?

Because your customers are online, believe it or not. Millions of people go every day to the Internet looking for services or information. How many of those millions are desperately looking for a nearby garage with good prices? If your ad is the one among the first results of the search, that will be the one chosen by the customer, instead of going to the garage around the corner. This way you will make your company visible and you yourself will be in total control of the campaign by choosing your daily budget and only paying when the user clicks on your ad. And there is another great advantage: you willCómo ayuda google adwords a tu negocio be able to measure at anytime how your campaign is doing by obtaining a wide range of insights and data. This is a tool that will give you the possibility of being in the right place at the right moment, meaning being there right when the customer needs you.


And not only will you be able to advertise online (SEM), but you’ll also be able to make more advanced campaigns to show up on sites related to your company (Google network Display), or video campaigns to show up on mobile apps, among others. Many possibilities within reach of anyone and at a bargain price. Why not try? If you want to know successful cases, go to this link.


How to use Google Adwords

Everything sounds perfect but, how to use this tool? Time is the main thing that you’ll need, a highly valuable and scarce good that you might not have. There’s always the chance to go to a professional to implement your Adwords strategy, something that you’ll find easily by searching on Google or going to Cómo ayuda google adwords a tu negociothe hundreds of marketing online agencies .



But if you are brave enough and can find the time, get to work. Make your own web if you still don’t have it (for that, you can use easy tools like Wix, or WordPress, for instance) and I advise you to go to Google Partners to get the official Google Adwords certificate (more about it here). After that, start creating your campaigns by using the keywords that you think the users use to look for your business and soon you’ll start feeling the good results. In addition, Google gives you for free the first 75 euros to start, at least, experimenting with the tool; and to top it all, you’ll also have the option to make tests a/b without paying to get sales results.

Still making excuses? Isn’t it worth to give it a go? We are 99% sure that you’ll get benefits by following these tips. And if you do, please don’t forget to let us know in the comments below or in our social networks.

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