Let’s carry on with the courses that are a must, for free and claimed for the companies that we talked about in the previous post. We left behind the course about Inbound Marketing from Hubspot Academy, but first let’s talk a bit more about our beloved Google. In particular, about Google Activate, another platform of the big company focused on the training for free. Here you will find several courses to do either online or in presence in a few Spanish cities. There are courses in digital marketing, e-commerce, cloud computing and other more technical ones about web and apps design, for example.


Haven’t you found your perfect course yet? Well you can’t make any excuse, because the variety of free online courses (and prestigious) is endless. In Mooc.es or Coursera.org you will find a very complete range of courses about everything, not just about digital marketing but also about many other fields. In addition, just by typing MOOC (Massive Online Open Courses) on your search engine you’ll find never-ending possibilities.


Inbound marketing from Hubspot Academy

Inbound Marketing is not something new anymore, but an essential technique that all companies are asking from marketing professionals to implement in their businesses. In fact, the high rate of conversions and especially the high level of engagement between users and companies that you can get with Inbound is making it even more important. From the well known platform Hubspot, they have built a kind of «religion» around this technique and they want everybody to know about it by teaching it completely for free. We just need to register in their academy and you will have access to the ten courses they offer, all of them really interesting and focused on digital marketing. This way, apart from Inbound, we can learn about selling techniques, email marketing, Hubspot desing…Cursos gratis e imprescindibles de marketing digital


To learn Inbound we have a study guide based on 12 videos with easy and intuitive lessons about the Inbound methodology. Besides, you can download the transcriptions of every lesson. Each of them lasts around 30 minutes, so you’ll just need two or three days to be ready for the test. Take some notes and go over it before the test. It’s 60 questions and you will have 75 minutes, time enough that will also allow you to check your notes or go online if you get stuck.


But don’t worry, most of them are very intuitive and you’ll just have to choose the most obvious one. As well as with Adwords and Analytics, many of the questions will be practical examples to test your knowledge in the matter. You’ll have to pass 70% of the exam, and if you fail you’ll have two more chances with 24 hours between them; if after the third time you fail again, you will have to wait for a month to try again. To make it even easier, the questions are ordered according to the order in the study guide. And once you pass it, you will get the certification and a badge like this below that you will be able to put in your web:

Inbound Marketing badge by Hubspot Academy

Summing up, if you are unemployed and interested in the digital marketing world, we strongly recommend that you do this courses. Your employability level will considerably rise and you will have the chance to get very interesting skills. It will give a boost to your CV and they will look fantastic on your LinkedIn profile. And as you’ve read, possibilities are endless.


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