It’s never too late, especially if it’s for free. And if companies are asking for it, even better. In fact, most of Human Resources departments in digital marketing already know how important these courses are when it comes to hiring new employees. Therefore, these courses, especially if you are looking for a job, are a must, free and won’t take much time. Which courses are we talking about? There are hundreds of online platforms where you can find many of them, but note these three down: Google Analytics, Google Adwords and the Inbound Marketing certification from Hubspot Academy.


Google Partners: Analytics and Adwords

With your Google account you will have to log in the Google Partners platform. By doing this you will have access to a variety of incredible courses certified for the big company (to see official certificate, check my Curriculum page). There are four: Adwords, Analytics, Mobile websites and the newly created Digital marketing sells. All of them are really useful in the digital marketing area, but the two first ones are the ones that companies are asking for the most.


To get the Adwords certification you will have to do, at least, two courses. First, one about the basis and one more to choose among five to specialise in one of its fields. With the basis one you will learn all you will need to work with this Google tool, which is basic in search online marketing (SEM) and in marketing in pages related to your business (Google display network). To prepare the test you have a great study guide with explanations and links to more specific aspects that you won’t have to learn byCursos gratis de marketing digital heart, but understand. It is a 100 question test, and you will have two hours to do it, but if you are well prepared you won’t need that much time.


After passing the exam, like we said, you will have to specialise in one of the kinds of Adwords campaigns, choosing from: SEM, Display, Video, Mobile or Shopping. We recommend that you choose one of the last ones, because the Basis course already digs in the two first ones. Therefore, by doing this you will be an expert in a more specific Adwords field. This decision will also depend on your interests or the path more similar to your degree in marketing. Anyway, if it’s possible, do all of them to became a real Adwords professional.


The next very important course, even more than the latter, is Google Analytics. With this one you will learn how to use this free tool quite useful in digital marketing considering that you will be able to get thorough insights about your web. In this course you will also have two guides to study, this time based on watching videos. You will have to pass a 70 questions exam in 90 minutes.

Cursos gratis de marketing digital


We can’t tell you how long will it take you to prepare yourself to get these certifications, but everything will depend on your capacity to study. But if you make a strong effort you’ll be able to get them in a few days. You won’t need to learn the lessons by heart, but to understand perfectly how it works thanks to the teachers explanations.

We advise you to take notes that you can use later during the tests; besides, since you have time enough, you will be able to search online some of the questions. It’s not an easy test, considering that most of the questions will try to make you think about how the tool works based on real situations that you will Cursos gratis de marketing digitalhave to solve. That’s why it will be helpless if you learn everything by heart without really understanding. To top it all, you’ll have to pass the 80% of the questions. But don’t panic! Because if you fail you’ll be able to do it again after a week and so on until you get it.


You will also have to take into account de period of validity. The Adwords certificate is 12 months and the Analytics one is 18 months. After getting them, we recommend you don’t stop practising with them, even though this will be kind of hard with Adwords because to use it properly you will have to invest in a campaign and it won’t be the same than using it in a fake one. On the contrary, you will be fully able to use Analytics whether you have a web or not, because you’ll be able to borrow the Google Merchandise store account (but with some limitations). Once you get these certifications you’ll be able to enjoy these very useful tools, as you can read in this post written by Clarice Machado. In the next post we will keep talking about other courses.

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