Email marketing is not dead nor dying. Inbound strategy takes care of doing that this already old marketing technique is more alive than ever. Email marketing is not the same as spam, although 70% of email are spam. This is why the correct strategy should be made so that the emails that you send do not come within this unwanted percentage. In addition, the data speak for themselves: there are 4.3 billion of accounts and 91% of users check them daily.


Email marketing within the Inbound methodology

To speak about Inbound marketing today we will focused on the methodology that Hubspot teaches us in their academy. If you click on the picture listed below and register, you can access to their magnificent  courses, as we discussed in a previous post, and you will be able to learn all about this technology.

Email marketing strategy according to Inbound


According to Hubspot, Inbound methology is bases on four stages in which we conduct the user to the delight state that goes beyond de sales. By doing these our customers become true ambassadors of our brands.


We start by the stage of attraction, in which users go from strangers of our brand to visitors, and then we word on the stage of conversion to convert them into leads or sales opportunities. After that is the closing phase, in which our leads make a purchase and become customers. And, finally, the most important one for Inbound, in which we use techniques to delight our already customers a make them become our promoters.


The email would be a technique used mainly in the closing phase, although it can also be used to please. The closing point, according to the Inbound philosophy, is just the beginning of the customer relationship, so that we can use email to constantly satisfy the people who have already purchased our products.


Steps to apply your email marketing campaign

Following the lessons learned from Hubspot Academy, the first thing we need to do to implement our email marketing campaign is to determine our audience and segment it. Here comes another basic concept of the Inbound: the buyer person or types of users who, according to their characteristics, may be potential customers. In Inbound marketing all starts with the creation of a perfect and continuously updated database; it is the first thing we do before applying its methodology.


Once we have defined our buyer person and we want to launch our campaign, we must ask ourselves who the users are to whom we’re going to speak according to the email that we send out, i.e. to create Cómo crear una estrategia de email marketing según la metodología inboundthe perfect email for the perfect user.


After that, we have to choose the most appropriate time, and here comes into play the buyer’s journey, i.e., at what stage of purchase our lead is located. They are three stages: knowledge, consideration and decision. If we know how to choose the right time it will significantly increase our sales opportunities. That is, content more context equals success.


And, finally, we can also use our e-mail marketing campaign to look after our leads by building relationships with them, in order to do business when they are ready. Emails should add value, not request it; we must make the recipient want to open it because they find something interesting to provide them a value that, sooner or later, route them to the selling process.

And, of course, to make all this work, our mail must be mobile friendly, i.e. adapted to be read in the mobile. We want to say goodbye with a video in which Isaac Moche, from Hubspot Academy, is interviewed and talks about more best practices and tools to achieve a perfect email marketing campaign.


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