Pinterest is a social network that was born in 2010 and, despite its short life, more than 200 million people already use it every month. In Spain it is still not known by the general public but it is well settled and has already more than two million active supporters. This tool created, by Ben Sibermann, was a huge success upon its release, and although its evolution is kind of stagnant, it is stable and, according to its creators, gives them great benefits. At the beginning it was more prevalent among women, but this trend has also got steady over the years.


Its operation is based on albums or a specific thematic board that can be public or private. On these boards we will introduce our pins: photography, computer graphics, posters… that can be self-created or that can be found in and «repinned«. Each pin can have a tittle and may receive «likes» and comments. On the home we can see the pins suggested by the application according to our search and our personal collection.


In short, is a completely visual social network, based on images from which we can draw numerous uses of which we will discuss later. In fact, along with Instagram, is the most important image network, although there are several differences between the two of them.


Pinterest in digital marketing

Both for digital marketing and user level, Pinterest is a social network that you cannot miss. As users we can use it, for example, as a journal where to «pin» pictures about our hobbies, travel, books… For lovers or professional photographers it is also a good place to present their creations.  But, as mentioned in the title, Pinterest is a large store of ideas, so we can take advantage of it when looking for inspiration. Need the perfect gift for Valentine’s day? Are you investigating ideas for tattoos? Can’t find the perfect recipe for a special dinner? And for everything that you might think about: cakes, technology and decoration… to say nothing of its great utility in fashion. As a curiosity, this tool is very famous among the crochet enthusiasts.


Seeing this, for digital marketing, Pinterest is an obvious and exceptional showcase to display our products. Why choose it over other social networks? Now let’s look at the following graph from Google Trends based on searches in Google for the past five years:


As we see, both begin virtually matched, but Instagram considerably outpaces it over time in an unstoppable advance, while Pinterest suffers a slight fall. Curiously, the positive peaks of the first and the negative of the second match at Christmas, so we can draw the conclusion that they are closely related.

Seeing this, is it worth investing on Pinterest? Yes, because the quality of users is very high. For example, it encompasses a spectrum of older, which makes its users  more active than the youth from generation Z in Instagram when it comes to make a purchase. Pinterest focuses less on the storytelling and interactions (yet is a very participatory network) and more in the creation high-quality visual content, something primordial for Pinterest that makes users more likely to buy.


Something similar happens if compared to Facebook, where users are more scattered and are not of such quality. According to this data published by Trecebits, we see how Facebook users average spending is almost half that of Pinterest, so the conversion rate is much higher in the latter.


Social commerce

But the last transformation Pinterest carried out lately is the big reason why invest in it. It has not yet come to Europe, but if we use it from the US now we can use the option of purchasing directly from it. Some of the products include a buy button in the pin so as if you were in Amazon, allowing you to buy directly from a «social store«.

Pinteres, el almacén de ideas

Therefore, it becomes more than an e-shop or a price comparator, is a social network that includes its own method of purchase for some of the pins that we are browsing. If we are looking for ideas for books, for example, and find one that we have been longing for, with this option you can buy it directly. It is one step closer to the now so-called social commerce that brands won’t want to miss and that we will continue vigilant to see how it evolves.


Besides, there are other commercial advantages for this tool, as we can read in this study by Pinterest showing us the tastes of consumers according to the day of the week. Thus, on Monday, for example, would be the most auspicious day for the brands of fitness, according to the intentions of the users, while on Friday users speak more about jokes and more trivial matters.

Are you convinced to use this interesting social network? We are sure that you are, so feel free to tell us about your experience when you use it, or give us more information about it to expand what we just talked about.

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